Flexible Resourcing

We provide specialist resources when you need them – helping you to meet the ever-changing business needs.

A key requirement for every organization is achieving the optimum balance between having the appropriate trained and skilled IT people available and minimizing recruitment, training, insurance and pension costs.

One key challenge is dealing with the ongoing variations in the supply and demand for IT staff. On the demand side, you have the ad hoc nature of many IT transformation projects, including roll outs, as well as seasonality of business requirements which can create peak technical staffing issues. On the supply side, you have to contend with staff leaving the organization or being absent through long-term sickness and maternity leave. Equally, there may be additional organizational constraints such as freezes on the permanent head count to contend with.

Why Flexible Resourcing from PTL

  • PTL RPO solution delivers a higher quality of candidate—fast.
  • PTL itself on its high staff retention and continual development (including its Academy program) of its technical staff. As such, we have a far greater insight and understanding of the competence of the proposed individuals and matching them to specific roles. In addition to filling resource gaps, PTL’s technical personnel are often used for their specialist skills and knowledge, which can be transferred to existing team members.
  • We can provide a range of skilled IT personnel for any period from 1-2 days upwards and can cover the whole of the UK. Apart from the flexibility of engagement periods, we are widely recognized for our responsiveness in being able to fill a temporary position at short notice and in addressing any post-appointment compatibility issues.

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